Catching the DISC!

With Tony Robbins catching recognition globally now, I feel it is the perfect time to tell everyone about a test he has which will assist in finding your niche. For everyone who has not heard of him, he is a leader in the Power of Attraction movement and helps people discover their inner strength and drive.

The test is the DISC, it is unlike any personality test you have taken thus far. The test is about twelve minutes long, with questions about presentations you would attend and books you may read. That is how this test is different, only a few questions ask you direct questions about your personality. Every question involves a ranking system, so you do not choose just one option that is most like you, instead you rank the choices from most like me to least like me. The same goes for every question, by the end they give you an assessment of your personality and what qualities drive you.

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When I took the assessment, it did not surprise me that the DISC I caught involved the drive for helping others and being unique. These two things drive many of my action choices currently, however other aspects of my personality I have been neglecting seemed more beneficial for where I am now. This includes the drive to be influential and have balance in my life. It helped me realize where I should focus my efforts as a digital entrepreneur . The first thing I must do is establish a plan of action, for my brain has lots of ideas and without a structure, another of my drives, I find myself trying to do all my ideas at once and ending up with several half-assed projects, pardon my french.

That is another reason I recommend taking this test , it will help you realize the drive(s) to focus on growing and which ones are already there. Another benefit of this test is that you learn how you act when you are aware of people watching you, your adaptive style, and your natural style, how you act when you feel relaxed and are doing things the way you prefer to do them.

Since taking the test, I have gone out of my way to act on some of my newly discovered capabilities. One of those is my ability to strike up conversations with strangers, which I never before have acted on, but as soon as I started trying I realized came fairly easily to me. All it took was taking that first step, so why not take the first step to understanding your drives and catch the DISC I am tossing you?

After you take the assessment comment below with what new found drives you found because once you find out your passions, you can easily select a niche.


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