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You have done it! You took your dream and created your product. You have made a book, a new invention, something that can be sold, congratulations. The question then becomes where to sell it? Where is your market? There are a variety of ways to go about putting your product where consumers can get there hands on it.

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Create A Website

This is the first way to begin reaching consumers, create a website for your brand.  The website should have your mission statement, a link to your blog, and your product. This does not mean just putting your product up and saying “Hey you there buy this.” NO CONSUMER WILL BUY YOUR PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PASSION. Passion is what will sell your product. As you create the page for your product, look it over again, would you buy the product?

If not, refine your content until it is something you would buy. Once that is done all you need to do is create some posts talking about the niche in the blog section  of your website. Have links within your posts that redirect your reader to your product page. This makes your website more SEO friendly, which will give you more traffic in the grand scheme of things.

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Etsy, Ebay, Amazon

The next option for marketing your product is the online stores.

Etsy is a website focused on items that are hand-crafted or vintage.  There store also sells some factory items and toys.  The products on Etsy hit many markets and only cost .20 to sell with. It is a great option for selling artwork, necklaces, or even that 50 year old baseball card collecting dust. 

Ebay is another great opportunity for you to list your product on. You can list it as an auction item or sell it for a designated price. I do not personally use Ebay, so cannot tell you how much it cost to list an item for sale, however it should not cost more than .20, and if does, Etsy gets more traffic anyway.

Amazon is the best place to sell your product, in my opinion because they want their sellers to make money. You can sell your podcasts, books, or most other products through Amazon. They do take a percentage of the sale, but they are great with their royalty rates. All it takes is going onto the Amazon website and clicking the become a seller button on their page.

Final Notes

Whatever your product is, know that it takes time to start generating revenue. It is a start-up business after all, so be persistent, keep putting the word out that your product is available.  If you need help developing marketing strategies, I highly recommend checking out ClickBank University. Happy Marketing and best of luck in your ventures. Thank you for reading.


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-C. Friedman

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