Every dream has a market. Finding the market for your dreams involves research, refining, and resilience.


Research the products already in your niche. Look at how the products are being marketed; it will teach you the strategies already being used to sell other products within the niche. Design your marketing campaign, creating an ad, a product description, whatever medium is going to be used to market your product. While researching look at the products, how is yours different?

Do a trial run of your new product, that physical/ digital manifestation of your dream. Release a beta, give your manuscript to someone you trust, do something so you can get the necessary research for your dream to succeed.


Refine your campaign, gear it towards your brand. Highlight the things that make your dream unique, how is your dream better than your competitors?

Refine the design to include the new ideas you found while researching. If there were glitches in the design, don’t dismay, fix it; make it whole again. Don’t give up on the dream, polish it; refine it to make it better, then put it on the market. That goes to the last point.


Be resilient. Once it is on the market, resist the urge to continue tweaking it. If it fails, you now know what to do differently. Remember the adage, ” A watched pot never boils.” The same goes for your product.

It could blow up at any moment, you could start to see the revenue spilling over, or it may never boil. The market is an odd place, every entrepreneur, inventor, and creator knows that. They accept it and are resilient in their development of new products. If at first you, don’t succeed….

Thanks for Reading.

-C. Friedman

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