The Idea Factory

When I first found the passion to be an entrepreneur, I had one big one question, where do ideas come from? Where do all the businessmen and inventors find their ideas? The answer was always there and a vast number of books have been written on the subject; even now, I am in the process of writing one such book.

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The Land of Idea

Ideas all stem from imagination, a place within you that like all other skills must be trained. Ideas and inventions stem from a curiosity to understand that which we do not understand at the moment. To invent something, we must learn all we can about the topic which baffles us.

Recently, I was reading a book on the Wright brothers, and got a wonderful insight into the process of creation. The Wright brothers, like Edison and many other great inventors, read everything about flight they could get their hands on. They found their passion, the thing that became their life purpose; that is your job if you want to live in this land of idea. The land of infinite possibility, you will start to see it by eliminating one word from your vocabulary, that word is “cannot”.

Entrepreneurs will never say this word, entrepreneurs are resourceful  individuals who make the impossible possible. They do not do it for monetary wealth, they do it to benefit their fellow man, to make life as we know it better. Sure money is a great effect, but it should never be the motivator to action. Your actions should come from this land of idea, the place of childlike wonder.

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Becoming an Idea Factory

Once you enter the land, it is time to build your factory. Start keeping a journal of your progress and ideas. It does not matter how trivial the idea or invention seems, each time you use your imagination your creative skill will grow. Soon your factory will be at full churn and you have so many ideas that it will almost be overwhelming. The ideas may not even pertain to your passion, but a side hustle here and there can pay those pesky bills. In addition, having a side project is a great way to refresh when you hit a plateau with your passion; as the saying goes, all work and no play, left Sam a dull boy. Plateaus are a great starting point, a threshold to invent something new. All it takes is focusing the mind on some other project for a little while, and then reapproaching the situation that seemed unsolvable.

That is what it means to be an idea machine, and why it so important to write out all the ideas that flow into your brain. There must be something else you can focus your attention to when you have been trying to resolve a situation with your project. Look around at all the great inventors of this century, they all have side projects they are working on; that was another lesson I learned, burn outs happen when we hit a plateau and forget to rest and refresh. I have failed more times than I can count, but with each failure, each plateau, I learned something new. Failure is not a bad thing unless that is the idea you have generated. That is the other side of being an idea machine, now you have the power to transform the negative thoughts into positive ones; you have the power to smile at failure.

Once you open your mind to the endless sea of ideas within, it is time to focus in, and find your niche.  This is the primary output of your idea factory, your ideas for your passion. What legacy do you want to build? Answer that and you have found your passion, the foundation for your own idea factory. Start taking action with your legacy in mind and your idea factory will generate all the wealth you need.

-Best of luck and thanks for reading.

-C. Friedman


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