The oceans are filled with plastic, the ice caps are melting, and so many other scary situations we have heard on the news.

Well I have good news, they are not all that scary. Entrepreneurs are developing new products to meet this need everyday. A recent college grad developed a giant stingray thing that will comb the oceans collecting the plastic as it goes. Inventing a solution takes not only brain power, but also a sense of innovation.

It means taking a blank canvas and creating something marvelous, something that transforms the world with its presence. That is the innovative spirit that all entrepreneurs carry. We develop this innovative spirit by being resourceful.

Yes, some are born with a natural ability to innovate. Others develop the ability out of a dire need. Whatever the motivation, I hope you can find the innovation within to take control now. Take control of whatever is worrying you, and innovate a solution. You are the weaver of your dream, take it to the next step; make it a reality.

Thanks for Reading.

-C. Friedman

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