I was sitting in my bed, after a long day, reading The Joy of Work. As I was reading this book, I got no further than chapter one before I found inspiration! I was reading along and hit a comic strip with Dilbert and a mouse. The mouse said to him; basically that he, the mouse, was more successful than him because he was happier. Why? Because the goal for any creature, man or otherwise is to be happy! I had to backtrack and reread. I thought about it. Is happiness how we should measure an individual’s level of success?

Happiness is a state of mind, not a feeling.

We have all seen that person, the one who no matter what is chipper… their happiness comes from within, and no matter what they are thrown, they stay happy 99 percent of the time. Here is a crazy thought, what if they start business?

Happy individuals are more likely to have successful careers, another part of the aforementioned book. (It truly is a great read, even though it is a little dated) To me happy individuals will also want to find solutions to situations the situations placed before them. Their desire to solve it, comes from a separate desire, their joy. Happy individuals want everyone to feel the joy they feel, at least I do. Hence why, a happy individual is a prime candidate for an entrepreneur.

The Happy Entrepreneur

Imagine when this fresh entrepreneur hits their first snag or plateau, do you think they will quit? No! They will smile and see the potential for growth in front of them. They will pick up the pieces and start again, happily. They will burst through that plateau! Being happy brings an energy of its own, an energy to persevere!

The first step to being an entrepreneur is recognizing the happiness inside. Like that mouse, once recognized the potential for growth is infinite. Happiness and success go hand in hand, so long as that happiness is not based on anything else. Success is about enjoying the journey, and not the destination.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

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