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Needs, Wants, Dreams

Something that changed my life was writing a list of my needs, my wants, and my dreams. My needs I realized were very small in comparison to my wants, and my dreams were a muddled mess they had no destination; my dreams all stemmed from a desire to not worry about money. Writing it all down helped me organize my goals and restructure my way of doing things. Here are a few things I realized in the process:

Needs are the the things that without doing them, I would most certainly die. Food, water, and some form of shelter are what I decided I really needed. Three things that my spending would be dedicated for, now yes I have other bills, but those three were my make or break points. If I didn’t make my rent, I would be homeless.

The rest were wants and unnecessary. Sadly the gym membership, tv subscriptions, and even the delicious ice cream fell into the wants and into the recycling bin.


Because of the dreams that I carry; the goals and big wants of life.

We achieve our dreams by saying no to the small wants. By saying no to the eating out, and yes to stowing the cash away to invest towards the dream!

Seeing the dream everyday creates a new set of checks and balances within the brain. It revives the little voice in our head, the voice of reason. Every time the brain says buy this now, little Jimney will shout “Hey! We cannot spend now, we need to invest in our dream!”

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Living Below Your Means

The other reason dreams are important is they strengthen the discipline within all of us! Dreams are how we remember to live below our means, so that we may have the capital to put into our side hustles, hobbies, or even vacations!

Struggling now and living on the bare minimum NEEDED to survive; teaches not only resourcefulness, but also let’s you learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

I try to practice all the things I teach, and in an effort to balance myself everyday I write down the chart of my needs, wants, and dreams in my journal. It is how I remind myself everyday to that for now I need to live below my means, so that later I may have the ‘fancy’ things. For now I must keep to my busy day.

-Thanks for reading

-C. Friedman

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