Niche Selection

Starting an online business starts offline, usually on a whiteboard or pen and paper. Every blog, online business, or social media account appeals to some niche. So what is a niche?

Going into the Niche

The niche is a great place to pick your first audience, a general selection of who you want to read your content. If you are a personal blogger, your audience may be you or your closest friends and family. If you are an author, what genre does your work fall under?

Once you know that, you can form the body of the website, the first draft.  The first draft may not succeed, but it is your first step in the right direction. Editing it and creating  content that refines the niche down to a narrower market, a more select niche should put you back on the right track.

For example, if you have selected Health as your overall niche, what in Health is your primary focus? Where is your passion within the niche? Is it in exercise, diet, or something else entirely? Once you have that design a cookbook, find products to sell online, or create guides on your site for your readers! It is up to you to establish what makes your website unique, what will continue to return visitors to your site.

Educate Yourself Before Investing

There are many websites with free courses for anyone just starting their journey into passive income. I highly recommend taking one before spending your hard earned money on upgrading to premium content for anything. After all, if you do not know how your site will at least break even, why spend your money?

I recommend taking this course on for any beginning entrepreneurs. It is completely free to you, all it takes is an investment of your time. I know your time is valuable and that is why I recommend investing it in educating yourself about the online market before investing time in setting up your online business.

Besides, there are an abundance of courses available across the internet on Udemy, Coursera, and many others. If you want to start earning an income within your niche I implore you please invest your time into an online course before commiting your hard earned dollars to starting an online business.


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