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Starting up your website from scratch there are so many places to host your new domain on. It can be difficult to decide who to go with, when everyone of them has their benefits and they do not hesitate to boast about them. With that being said, here is my reviews of the top three hosting companies for you:


Bluehost is a shared platform with three plans to choose from. All the plans include at least one website, unmetered bandwidth, and free SSL. The benefits also include email accounts with storage, parked and subdomains, and with the choice and choice plus plan you have a spam detector. A spam detector is a great addition to your site, as it prevents bots and spam from contaminating your hard work.

Bluehost offers WordPress integration as well, so if you want to build the framework of your site on Bluehost and then integrate it into WordPress that option is available as well. The greatest benefit of all perhaps is the money back guarantee.

You are able try Bluehost for 30 days and if you do not love it, you can return it. Blue host’s support team is fantastic as well and as many as you curious entrepreneurs and dreamers have seen is growing right now. Having a site with them seems like a no brainer to me.

The only downside I can see with BlueHost is the limitations of the basic package; it does not have a spam detector and has limited email storage. Blue host as a brand is one where you will certainly get your money’s worth and it’s not too costly either.


Hostgator is another popular host and site builder. All of their plans include unlimited bandwidth, free email, and a forty-five day money back guarantee. Hostgator is coming up fast and wants to keep up their forward momentum, so their prices are currently the best on the market.

Their customer service never closes, even on holidays, so any issue you may have can be solved with a simple call or chat. I know you may not work on the holidays, but if you do a Hostgator representative will be there to help you any hour, any day. The packages also  come with a free SSL certificate, website builder, and 4500 templates; all with just the basic package. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to start your website, I recommend Hostgator. They are consistently updating their site and want you to succeed.


WordPress is a website platform used by 30 percent of all websites on the internet, this means you can start generating traffic to your site without too much effort on your part. They are known by almost all website builders and have been around the longest. If you are reading this, it was written in WordPress. Their packages are great and you get what you pay for. They make creating your posts and pages very simple. The easy access toolbar guides you through anything you wish to do on your site.

The customer service is outstanding, and has seen most of the situations that happen to anyone building a website from nothing. They are very understanding and work to get your issue resolved fast. I recommend WordPress for anyone who is not an avid coder, or anyone who wants to see growth fast. Powering 30 percent of websites means that you will the traffic you want, so long as your content matches the price bar you set.  To learn more click the link above to go over their plans; I am not an affiliate for them.

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