Do I need to know how to code?

No, it is not a requirement to have any skills at coding to start a blog. WordPress and other sites make it easier than ever to start a blog without having any coding skills.

However, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript makes crafting your website much easier. Basic coding skills can also help you undetermined what is happening anytime there is an error. Plus, learning basic coding adds another tool to your freelance kit.

What do I write about?

Once you have the framework for your blog, the blank canvas, that is your website; it is time to write the first post! I recommend writing a post about why you started this journey into digital entrepreneurship. In this post, write about what niche(s) your blog will focus on. Now you have your potential menu items! My blog is set up to make it easy for my readers to select posts based on niches, like entrepreneurship. If you don’t have any idea what you want to write about, don’t worry. Ask yourself what you can teach someone else. What skill can you teach? Boom! There’s your idea!

Who’s going to read my blog?

Creating a consistent flow of readers onto your site may seem like climbing Mt. Everest, but I promise it’s not!

Increasing the flow of readers just requires a little synergy. Visit the sites of others within your niche, give a honest comment, and follow their blog. You’ll be amazed at how fast you get readers!

The other important key to gaining readers is having valuable content. The posts you create should not only teach, but also inspire! If you don’t have passion for what you are writing about, it is going to reflect in your writing. If you are starting a blog with photos, are your pictures worth 1000 words? Your blog is how you market yourself to your readers! Be proud of your content.

Lastly, blog daily. All it takes is setting aside an hour a day, maybe two, to craft your posts. Yes, posts, having multiple valuable posts a day shows your readers that you are invested in your blog.

Final Comments

Crazy right? Setting aside a few hours a day to invest in yourself can create freedom! Freedom from that boring 9-5. The reward is worth the investment, and like any good investment it takes time to mature and become profitable. Good luck on your journey, and thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoy these anecdotes and guides.

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