Growing your Future Presently!

Hello everyone!

I could not help hour share the new debit card I just got from Acorns, it is made of Tungsten Steel. That means you can feel like your carrying a black card, even if you are not at that level yet. That’s my favorite part about it besides all the benefits, it’s just a debit card, that invests the spare change from your purchases into an ETF.

After all the writing for papers and studying I am doing I needed a little break, so I decided to share the little thing that brightened my day with you all. Here it is in all its glory:

I know, it looks like any other card, but you should feel the weight. Okay enough about the card, allow me to tell you a little more about acorns:

Acorns has a variety of services ranging from retirement to the day to day ETF. I recommend using them because they teach you all about where your money is going and break it down for you. In addition, you can choose your risk level( I know pretty standard, but it’s a nice feature.)

I want your dreams to become a reality and as we all know too well, that cost money most of the time. So why not spend $5 today, and invest your money with people you let know how they are using money to make you money. They do charge $1 a month, but they will earn that dollar with their investment savvy most of time. ( Like any investment it requires time to grow) If you invest with this code, Acorns will match your initial five dollar investment and they’ll throw me a Lincoln as well. (Not the car unfortunately, just good old Abraham)


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