The Power of the Present

I tried to hide, to escape the light of the present,

but like any flower doused in shade, I began to decay.

I found myself lost in a myriad cacophony,

One filled with worry, fear, and doubt.

In a distant tiny space filled with light, I heard a soft whisper, a silent shout;

Demanding to be free, from this blasted cacophony, from those troublesome thoughts,

A lone synapse firing off, with no bridge to connect it to the next nerve.

Each day the space grew and so did the shout,

It kept shouting above the terrible ensemble,

Which if heard aloud would most likely sound,

Like a set of bagpipes and an out of tune violin,

Playing two competing melodies at the same time.

As the voice grew stronger and rose above I felt the cacophony reach its peak,

I could feel it start it’s crescendo, finally it had started to wane.

Finally, I could be free, I could feel happy.

How did I strengthen that lone synapse firing into the dark,

Well that is easy, I started to read,

I started to ignore the horrendous orchestra within.

As I learned more about me, about what it means to be happy,

The space of light and beauty grew,

I began living in the space between future and past.

That space we call the Present,

Living here teaches me happiness cannot be earned;

For happiness is a feeling always there,

Just ask that voice that was shouting above that miserable cacophony of worry, doubt, and despair.


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