So You Want to be a Bookkeeper…

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As a profession, the bookkeeping business is set to boom. More startups are emerging everyday and with this so does the demand for bookkeepers and accountants. If you have math skills, or are just looking for something to add to the resume, I would suggest looking into bookkeeping.

I just made a page with a basic overview of what bookkeeping entails, how you can get started, the salary, and your options for work if you decided to pursue bookkeeping as a career.

A bookkeeper is seperate from an accountant, I just wanted that to be clear. A bookkeeper does not need a four degree, but accountants usually have a four year degree, and if you ask either profession they will tell you the difference in excruciating detail. I have decided to pick up this bookkeeping course in my spare time to develop my financial literacy, and beef up my own resume a little. You can check out the page here!

Thank you for reading.

-Cayman Friedman


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