Update on What is Coming Your Way!

Starting a blog can be hard, and that was something I did not think about when I started this dream.

At first, it was easy to create posts, be consistent, and get this dream off the conveyor belt. Well, the conveyor belt encountered a clog, I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take with this blog. I had so many ideas that I became overwhelmed, I needed a break. I had to pause, unclog the conveyor belt, and start fresh.

This site I have decided will hold everything you need to succeed as a digital entrepreneur, as well as my day dreams. (poems, short stories,etc.) I am currently working on pages that will detail the cost, steps, and a rough time frame to realize a few avenues of passive income. I feel the day dreaming clears my brain and allows a space for new ideas to flow in.

The more I learn about becoming an entrepreneur, the more I will have to share with you. So, every week I will set out to learn one thing about digital entrepreneurship that I did not know before and then I will share it with you.

That is briefly what’s to come, posts, pages, and links to various tools to help entrepreneurs of all levels expand their understanding of what it takes to realize their dreams and be the best they can be. I cannot promise you that I will be posting something entirely new to you, but I can promise that even if you already have an understanding of what I present, you will leave my site understanding more about the topic than you did before.

I am back in school, so if I miss a week, please under that I probably had 3 papers and an exam due, which obviously does not necessarily allow me the time to write a quality post for you, my valued reader.

Thank you for reading! Comment below with anything I can help you better understand and I will be sure to craft a post just for you. I believe we all carry an unlimited potential within and I want to help you unlock your potential! Have a great day and never stop growing!

-Cayman Friedman


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