6 Skills That Will Transform Your Life!

    • Speak Up

    Your voice box is one of the greatest tools at your disposal, so long as you practice using it and are excited about what you are speaking someone will listen.

    Take a few minutes a day to practice speaking, make it fun! Do tongue twisters, play a rhyming game, practice your elevator pitch, just take action towards improving your public speaking skill.

    There comes instances in life where it is necessary to say something, whether it be to stop a bully or just get your idea to the table, at some point you are going to have to assert yourself and speak up for your belief.

    That is one of the functions of your voice! You can VOICE your outrage, VOICE your new product, VOICE something you have learned, and so much more; however if you neglect practicing communication your proficiency will wane.

      Be Honest

    White lies, “bending the truth”, or any other form of non truth is a great way to corrupt your business and your reputation.

    Take the car salesmen, overtime their reputation has built and built on them being crooked underhanded liars who will do anything to get you in a shiny new car. That didn’t happen overnight, it took years of corrupt dishonesty on the automaker’s part. From selective sales to fees no one understands automakers have continued to build a bad reputation.(maybe that’s why they needed a bailout)

    The same applies to your life and business practices, if you are honest and stay true to your company values, more than likely you will build a great reputation for your brand.

    However, if you create a negative image of your brand by being dishonest, by focusing on quantity instead of quality you are sure to experience failure and frustration.

    We fact check things left and right now thanks to the Internet, so half truths don’t fly anymore; we want truth and will check multiple sources to find it.

    For example, in America and I hope most countries, no one listens to just one news source; we check multiple sources and read between the lines to find the truth. The honest truth is usually mixed and muddled to the political agenda of the reporting company, but a smart person can sort through all the truth bends and see the facts of the situation.

      Be Confident

  • Ummmm…. so, if you want an audience to… er… believe and be inspired by you, it is, um, necessary to speak with confidence.
  • Hesitation makes it seem like you yourself do not believe what you are saying. Instead of ums and errs, take a breath and continue your thought. Take a second to pause, allow the ums and ers to dissipate, speak from the heart.
  • Confidence is a skill to me because I did not always have it, I used to be the guy ummming and erring, it annoyed me because even when I knew what I was talking about my nervous energy made it seem like I did not.
  • How many times have you found yourself in a lecture or presentation and lost interest because the speaker lacked confidence in what they were presenting?
  • Now, take the opposite thought, how many times have you felt excited and fired up after someone presents something to you with confidence and gusto?
  • For me that is the answer there, confidence captivates your audience, whereas fear causes your audience to lose interest and seek out something with a stronger presence.
  • How can you do it? Start small, ask a stranger the time, speak to the cute person who caught your eye, and most importantly walk with your head held high!
    • Listen

  • Listening is perhaps the most important skill to develop and improve on.
  • Listening allows you to understand other situations you may not have been aware of. From these situations, your creativity may flourish and blossom into ideas that can make you some money. After all, isn’t that a big part of entrepreneurship, is it not our goal to come up with new innovative solutions to te situations we are presented?
  • Listening removes your own situations from the brain, it creates a space to think about solutions to the situation that is presented to you; from there, ideas will begin to flow.
  • These ideas may turn into products or may turn into solutions, which in turn will grow your brand and reputation. The more solutions you offer that are viable, the more likely someone is to refer their friend or business to you again.
  • Listening is a skill that every entrepreneur and freelancer must master, otherwise their business is sure to fail.
  • Time management and success go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other.
  • For me it took reading many books on time management for me to find what worked best for me.
  • I feel that time management is unique to each person, no one way works best because we are all unique individuals. Try out different methods until you find one that fits you and then stick to it.
  • I read or heard somewhere something that sparked my interest and drove me to read all those books on time management; that something being, “we all have the same time on this Earth, it’s all about how we use it.”
  • I was dumbfounded, it was such a simple statement yet it completely flipped me on my head, I’m in charge of my time? That’s crazy, I never have enough time, so how can I be in charge?
  • Those were my first two thoughts and then the light bulb clicked, I don’t have enough time because I’m letting time manage me and I’m not managing my time.
  • Now, I have an abundance of time, my day is full, but I never feel overwhelmed anymore. I do not feel dread at doing any task because it is included on my agenda for the day. I have so much time that I have even allotted an hour to make up for any random deterrent throughout the day.
    • Catch Some Zzzzs

  • I would say this is the most important skill you can master. If you can take time out to nap, to meditate, or manage your time so well that you can actually get your eight hours in; well, you have mastered this skill and time management!
  • Rest is vital for creativity and your mood. The more tired you feel, the more lethargic your mind and body become. Getting the zs in is important for maintaining your overall drive and determination.

    I remember when I used to try pushing through the fatigue, I remember when I would keep trying to solve the situation and refused to stop trying until I fixed it. I also remember the frustration I felt at myself for taking so long to solve the situation, sometimes it turned out to be the tiniest error that caused the situation and when I realized this I would only grow more frustrated because I had spent so much time on trying to solve it.

    Those days sucked! Now, I allow myself a certain amount of time and if I cannot solve the situation within the time frame, I move on and come back to it. I allow my mind to rest and focus on something else, so that I may create a space for a creative solution to flow into.

    Even with my writing, if I experience a moment of writers block, I’ll take a break and do something else until that creative energy hits me again.

    By allowing time for the brain to rest, it enables new avenues of thought that were hidden inside that churning idea machine to flourish and grow until they burst from your brain creating the solution you were looking for.

    Rest is important for your overall health as well. Your energy level, mood, and innovation will drastically improve if you are well rested. How do I know?

    Well that’s easy, I have been trying it out for myself and now take a nap everyday, as well as sleep 6-8 hours everyday. Like you, I don’t believe everything I see on the internet either, which is why I started trying this whole catching zs thing out. Let me tell you I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks For Reading!
  • I wish you the best of luck realizing your dreams and thanks for reading!


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    1. Speaking up is one of my mottos! So important. Great post, check mine out if you have the time too?

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