3 Books To Grow Your Dream.

I have found that reading helps me tremendously when it comes to motivation, learning, and creativity overall.

There are so many books out there that are excellent reads for entrepreneurs of all levels, which is why it was difficult for me to select just three books to share with you.

In the end, the three books I chose have transformed the way I think and understand the capabilities we all share when we buckle down to focus on growing our dreams.

Do Cool SH*T

This book tells a true American Dream story, Miki Agrawal, the author, works her tail off to realize her dream of having her own restaurant.

She goes over every step of her journey with you, from what spurred her conceptualizing her restaurant to the steps she took to make it happen. She shows the reader the kind of determination one needs to be an entrepreneur, the kind of grit that makes dreams into realities.

The best part of the book, besides the useful tips and summations at the end of the chapters, is the price. Agrawal is selling her book for just 9.99. I’m no TV announcer, but this book is jam packed with information worth over ten bucks.

The Power of Now

This is another great book for only ten bucks. It’s not about business, but it will transform the way you do business.

Before growing a business or doing any life goal, for me it is a must to grow as an individual. If my dream is to succeed, I must have a successful mindset. If you feel the same, this book is for you.

Echart Tolle formats the book in an easy to read question and answer format. The book is full of methods for managing time, understanding yourself better, and gaining emotional intelligence.

The Power of Now inspired me to start working on this blog, to start working on my creative power, and most importantly taught me to stop stressing time so much.

Since reading The Power of Now, I have developed new strategies of time management, like chunking my day and making time to exercise.

Tolle tells the tale of spiritual enlightenment in a way that makes even the skeptic pause and say, hmmm…. maybe there is something to this enlightenment thing.

Passive Income Streams

The title speaks for itself here, this ebook is all about Passive Income.

The book takes the reader through various ways to earn passive income and explains that passive income does require some work.

That’s right, passive income is not just you sitting at home in your pajamas watching TV and boom there is some money in your bank account. Nope, it does require hard work at the start, just like any other business.

Kristi Carter, the author, keeps it real. She explains passive income in a way that teaches any level of entrepreneur something new. She explains ways to earn that require no start up capital; however, these methods require quite a bit of work at the start.

The other ways she explains passive income are summed up by this sentence… you have to spend money to make money. I thought that sentence was just something rich people said, but after reading this book and starting to work on my own passive income streams, I realize the truth of that statement now more than ever.

This book is a little bit more than ten bucks, it sells for a whopping $11.99!


Thank you for reading, I hope these books can transform your life as much as they have transformed mine. If you have any books that transformed your life, let me know in the comments below. I will be sure to “check them out”. (Bad Library Joke… sorry, not sorry)

-C. Friedman


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