Packing Your Modern Briefcase.

Back in the 90s and before, or so I am told, you could tell who was going to work by their attaché, their briefcase.

Now, more and more people are trying to make their income passively; in order to do that entrepreneurs have had to start packing the home office, like they used to pack brief cases.

Papers and pens, replaced with tablets and styluses. All that old school stuff has been thrown out, so I want to give you a few items I believe every entrepreneur, including you, should have in their modern day briefcase(besides a journal.)

The Planner

Whether it be a physical planner, or the calendar app on your tablet, a planner helps in a variety of ways.

If, like me, you have heard about this chunking thing people are doing now; having a planner is essential for keeping to the schedule you set. I have tried many a time to stick to a schedule and until I got a planner, it was nearly impossible for me to keep to my schedule.

Now, I know what I am doing at any point in the day and if I am meeting someone that day, a big change from how I used to do it.

The Tablet

Okay as we have seen throughout this article I keep alluding to a tablet as an essential, for me that is the truth. I can read my books, brainstorm ideas, watch instructional videos, and so much more with my tablet. It saves me from cluttering up my modern briefcase with loose items, like paper notes or important emails.

In addition, the biggest benefit I have found is the organizational ability that a tablet, used in the right hands, is capable of. (It is important to note, that I did not used to be an organized person, and I still have work to be done.) In order to bring order from the chaos of apps, I put folders on my tablet, labeled with their use and organized the folders from most used to least.

In the most used folders, apps I use most often are there, this is what some call the productivity folder. This folder has apps like WordPress, Kindle, and of course my planner.

I’m not perfect though, my tablet still has a few games on it.

Brain Teaser

Everyone hits a point where they have hit a wall either creatively, or maybe stress wise. Whether it be writer’s block or just stress of starting a business, it is time for a break, and if your brain just keeps trying to chug away at the problem that’s only going to cause more frustration.

I know how this feels all to well, that is why I have invested in these brain teasers. Trying to solve these puzzles engages the brain in a new way, away from what was bothering me and allows a space to open up, a space for innovation. Do I sometimes get frustrated with the puzzles?

Of course! Some of them are insanely difficult, but now I can take another look at my work and see it in a new way, I can start to plan. I was working on a book idea and had a bad case of writer’s block, then I had a light bulb moment, as I was trying my damndest to solve the star puzzle before me. I set it down and five back into the story.

Wrap Up

These are the few essentials I recommend for your modern briefcase. They should aid in keeping your home office tidy, fun, and engaging.

I wish you all the best in realizing your dreams, have an excellent day and thanks for reading!


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