Gratitude, A Three Course Meal of its Own.

Okay, here is my cheesy thanksgiving post, I couldn’t resist stuffing you with some great inspiration.

For me, Thanksgiving has never been about gathering together and eating more than I normally eat in three days.

No, for me it has always been about the love and joy felt as friends and family gather together and celebrate the year. Even if everything went a little upside down near the end, there is still something to be grateful for. That for me is what this month is about, taking stock of what we would normally take for granted. Whether it be a car, a roof over our head, or even the people in our lives now, there is always something that we have an abundance of.

Gobbling Gratitude

Often I find myself lost in thoughts about what’s missing in my life and I am working on changing that because I realized that I have more than I could ask for. That little nay saying voice should be laughed at and not indulged, at least that is what has made me feel an abundance of joy.

The same goes for most of us, we get so lost in all the flashy goodies and wants, that we sometimes lose sight of what we have. So I have a mission for all my readers and it doesn’t have to be done today or tomorrow; I want you to think about what you have right now that if you were in a third world country, with no internet, you would wish to have.

That right there is the first thing to be grateful for and should be the appetizer for the bigger feast of gratitude that lies before you. I have started writing down one thing or more a day I am grateful for, sometimes it is mundane, like the air that fills my lungs as I breathe. The point is with all that we have sometimes the things with true value disappear, and as humans and maybe even entrepreneurs we can make wealth from sharing those things with others.

Take this blog you are reading, I am so grateful that I was able to start it. I didn’t do it for the money, but it generates me wealth everyday by connecting me with people like you. That is something important that philosophers and business men alike agree on, building a network of people with whom you can share ideas, that is true wealth. After all doesn’t the saying go, “Do what you love and the money will come”?

-Thank you for reading and I hope you have an excellent day. I wish you the best of luck living your dreams.

-C. Friedman


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