Winter Cleaning

The year is nearing a close, that means it is almost time to make New Year’s Resolutions. If like me, some of the things on your list have remained unchecked this year don’t fret, smile. Failure is just a small rung on the ladder of success, one lilypad floating on the surface of a deeper pond.

There is still time left and if you fail now you know where the glass ceiling is; now you know the minimum goals are for the next year. Finding your limit may feel a little disheartening, but it should not; it should feel exciting. Now, is where your willpower and determination kick in.


Besides taxes, November is also the time to take stock of everything that has happened over the last eleven months. Take stock of all the good things that have happened; even if on the surface they seemed bad, what was something that happened as result that was amazing? What have you done in the last year, that you did not think you could do? What ceiling have you now reached that wasn’t there before? Touch that ceiling, make a note this is where your breakthrough for next year is, this is your clean canvas. Everything that has happened, accept it, clean out your mind going into winter. All the debt, all the worry, all the stress, get rid of it. Like snow falling on a lawn, create a white canvas as far as you can see. This is the place to form your New Year’s Resolution.

New Year’s Resolution

After all that needless clutter of worry, doubt, and stress is cleared away, it’s time to make the New Year’s Resolution. If you notice, it took two months to de clutter; that is because life is busy and all it takes is doing a little each day.

Try to make 3 big resolutions for the year, each one aimed at a different aspect of wealth. A goal  could be read 20 books this year, thus enriching your mind and fueling it with creative juices. The kind of juices that inspire you to create a blog, or climb a mountain.

These goals are destinations you will look back on and laugh because as you start achieving, your dreams only grow. The dreams you make now are small compared to your potential, but we all start somewhere and no matter where you are now there is always room to grow in some area of life. That is the best part, your new year can start today. You can start taking tiny steps now to make next year your best year yet!

Take time now to clean the slate, so that in the new year you can succeed in everything you do.


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-C. Friedman


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