The Tax Collector is Coming! The Tax Collector is Coming!

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With October coming to a close I figured it is time to talk about something no likes, a part of every adult life, taxes. It’s time to get all your stuff into one nice folder, time to gather all those receipts, all those boring bank statements and bring into one chunk of information.

November is not all bad, everyone is free to let their mustaches grow in awareness of prostate cancer.

Hire an Expert

If you like most entrepreneurs or intelligent people have your eggs spread across many baskets it may be time to hand your finances to an expert. Experts can sort through all your information and find deductions so you keep more of your green returns or owe a little less.

Tax law is complex and while it is a smart move to know the basics, hand your taxes to someone who knows what they are doing. Besides getting you the most back on your return, tax experts also eliminate decisions in your life. The less mundane decisions you have to make, the more you can focus on realizing your dreams and deciding how you are going to achieve the dream.

Tax experts know all the loopholes the wealthy use, they know how to maximize your deductions, and most importantly they want to help you. It is their job to ensure you get the most back for your return and if you feel like something is awry, go through it yourself or take it to another representative. There are many companies that offer tax services, such as H&R Block, and even some financial planners who are excited to play with the numbers.

If you have a financial planner check with them and see if they can get your taxes filed. Once you hang off all your documents, get busy, focus in on what you are doing for your business.


If you would rather do it yourself and save the money that is an option as well. There are many online sites, such as TurboTax, that will guide you step by step through filing your taxes. Once you register on the site, you can upload all your information and documents to your file and once you receive all your income forms, add them to it and click submit!

It is a simple process either way and if you are running low on funds or a stingy entrepreneur it can be done, so long as you do the research. If you have made yourself into a business, I highly recommend hiring an expert. Business taxes are different than individual taxes and must be filed appropriately, you do not want to go to jail for failing to pay your taxes.


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