Kick Up Your Traffic! 2 Tune Ups For Your Network.

As Digital Entrepreneurs, we need traffic to earn our side income. Without traffic we are stuck yelling into outer space with our posts and pages, which while fun can get tiring. I have talked about social media as one possible way to get traffic to your site, however there are a few others that will connect you with professionals and potential clients in your niche for FREE!


Every business professional should have a LinkedIn account because it is the social media of professionals. You can connect with mentors, others in your niche, clients, and freelancers. Creating an account on LinkedIn is completely free and allows you to put your URL onto your profile. Each Time someone views your profile LinkedIn lets you know, thus allowing another quality check for you. In my experience, when I am putting out quality content my LinkedIn profile gets more views.

In addition, you can share your WordPress post to your LinkedIn page. Sharing your posts on LinkedIn creates another way for you to get traffic to your site because now you have your articles on more sites across the web. The more “doors” you knock on the more sales, if that is your goal, you get. If you just want to help people get started on their journey, well now you have another outlet to reach out and help.

LinkedIn does have a premium upgrade, that has many benefits such as seeing who viewed your profile and a few other things. I do not personally use their premium service because the free service is enough for my use.

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If you are writing how to content, like this post, and are not getting the traffic you want head over to Ezine. How many times, do you type how to….. into a search engine?

With that in mind, enter Ezine, they connect you to people looking for content in your niche. In your profile, you can enter a few website urls, this means free traffic to your site(s). This includes your YouTube Channel, Facebook page, etc….

Any article submitted to Ezine will be shared all over the web, so make sure it is original and has your sites url at the bottom. When advertisers post your article, they are likely not to edit it; this gives you free ads across the web just by creating one Ezine article.

I recommend anyone who wants to skyrocket traffic for their site heading over to Ezine and getting started with them. I am not an affiliate for them, I just believe in the service they provide.

However, if you do not have the time to write an article for your site Ezine is also a great place to advertise your site.

Closing Thoughts

Now it is up to you, it takes no more than 20 minutes to sign up for both of these sites. With Ezine, you do have to wait for your article to be approved; this does not take more than a day or two normally. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.



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