Micro Gooooal!!!!

Being your own boss is exciting and terrifying all at once. You finally get to live your life on your terms, doing what you love to do. You get to innovate new ways of doing things, and establish your own brand. It is truly a breathe of fresh air.

No Deadlines

One of the biggest dual edged sword we as entrepreneurs face is the open ended question of when things must be done. Without a boss handing out a stressful deadline you are left in your own hands.

Personally, I am not a big fan of putting in a lot of work throughout the day and most of the time that is perfectly okay. So much can be done in one full day, which makes it okay to relax and enjoy the day.

However, bills are still a reality that comes with due dates. Even if bills are not an issue, creativity and innovation are skills; if you don’t use them you lose them.

How Can I Find Balance?

Finding balance between a personal life and growing your business can be difficult; however, there is one simple trick that will increase your productivity and lower your stress levels tremendously.

In the morning when you wake up, or right before bed write out your top seven goals. Make them big and broad, these are the long term goals you are working towards.

Great! Now, we chop it into tiny manageable pieces that can be done everyday. Take one goal for each aspect of your life (personal, finance, health, etc.) and write down a list of ten smaller goals you can accomplish; this list is what you are working on now. Each micro goal gets you one step closer to realizing the bigger dream. (health, wealth,etc.)

Writing out these smaller goals helps you stay focused on the journey and not stress the destination of health, prosperity, etc.

It takes commitment, but if you write out these goals every day it becomes easier and easier to complete the goals.

For example, if my goal were to write 10 posts this week; I could still take a day off and do two a day after. That is why I set micro goals, so that I may realize my full potential.

-cayman Friedman

-Thanks for reading.


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