Sitting here, beneath this tree,

My mind does wander and wonder,

About this curious thing called Karma.

Do we see Karma’s effect in the drama,

Or is not something seen, but felt;

Like you and me, a part of the universal energy,

A piece to the puzzle of life.

What measure should we use,

To see where we stand?

How many good deeds are enough?

Or, is that too something felt?

Some good actions are bad though,

Like stealing when you have no bread,

Or the down and out, who refuse to die,

Without first a shout, a curse towards,

The all powerful universe, their cry comes,

From their Karmic actions, their deeds that lead them ever closer to reaping what they sew.

Is it cursing, and complaining that brings bad Karma?

Or is it up to you and me?

Letting our actions speak for Karma,

Putting good out there, is that enough?

I know not, hence the state of confusion;

I find myself in, for now I must commit,

To helping others anyway I can,

Karma can wait, for me to once again,

Find myself under this tree, lost in the myriad,

Complex thoughts circling my mind.

-Thanks for reading.

-C. Friedman


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