2 Simple Questions to Kick Start Your Dream.

Finding the answer to the following two questions will get you up and moving. Answering these two questions allowed me to break through the plateau I had hit both in life, and what my next venture was going to be. Without further delay, here they are:

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  1. What am I good at?

Entering into the world of innovation, the place all entrepreneurs dwell in was terrifying. I had to adapt and realize what skills I already had at my disposal that could help me realize my dream.

The thing I learned was we all have some skill we are really good at; even if, our brain tells us that we don’t have any skills. Communication, writing, carpentry, anything you can do well is a skill you can market to others. Whatever skill(s) you possess, they are the key to setting up your brand.

I had to think back to a time when I used my skills, back before I got a job. I remembered how much I loved to read and write, thankfully I could easily market those skills.

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2. Where Do My Passions Lie?

The second question to getting your dream off the ground floor and into the world, is finding your passion.

Knowing what skills you posses is great; however, if those skills aren’t within the niche of your passion burnout is inevitable. I would say the answer to this question should come first, once you know what you are passionate about; it is an easy task to find out what skills you have that fit the passion.

If you have no skills within your passion, fret not. Take your skills and apply them for now to that market. On your downtime, learn skills that match your passion. The internet is a wonderful tool without courses far and wide on most skills.If your passion lies in a trade, welding for example, go to trade school.

Following my passion has freed me of stress; yes sometimes I struggle, but the struggle is mine. Once I have devised a solution to the obstacle, I am one step closer to realizing my dream. The feeling of overcoming an obstacle while pursuing my pleasures allowed me to realize, what it meant to take pride in my work. Doing what you are passionate about, is the key to being happy.

Thanks for reading. Break a leg pursuing your passions.

-C. Friedman


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