Get Your App Out There!


As entrepreneurs we have to embrace our innovation. For me, that meant stepping out of my comfort zone, writing, into the uncomfortable, technology. Why did I do this?

I did it to create a new stream of passive income, and to get my brain churning again. On that note, I’m going to explain how you can take your app idea and bring it to the AppStore.

Design the App

As with any new business, a blueprint is essential. Create an outline that addresses the target audience, what solution your app provides, and how it provides that solution. Solving an issue like where is the nearest coffee shop with WiFi, looks great on paper, but how is the app doing it? Who does this provide a solution for?

Create a business plan that answers those questions, and more. You want your blueprint to be something someone else can use to take your App dream and build it.

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Getting the App Developed

The easy part now: You can get an app developed without breaking the bank using freelancers. All you have to do is take your business plan, post it somewhere, ( Fiverr, Upwork, 99 Designs, etc.) and watch as they compete for the spot to design your app. Hiring a freelancer, you will need a NDA signed so that your idea is protected, but that can come after you select the freelancer. That is it, no coding knowledge needed, although a basic understanding probably saves you some more green for other ventures. Once the app is designed, you are all set to put it on the store.

Monetize the App

Monetizing an app, can come a few ways. The first as we all know is ads. Release the app for free, and companies will pay you for allowing them to advertise.

You’ll notice I said release the app for free, that serves two purposes; people are more likely to download a free app, than a paid app (my personal experience), and it allows for money to be made within the app.

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of money I have spent on in app purchases, from buying speed ups to buying accessories for a character, in app purchases are a money maker. It is another way to make money from your app. Charging a dollar for extra content, will start making you money quickly. Imagine if 5000 people download your app, now let’s just say only 1000 of those people the first month buy the extra content, that $1 extra content has now earned you $1000 without you doing anything.

Keeping the Revenue Churning

Like any other business, the app will require maintenance. There will be glitches that arise, the material will grow stale, software will improve, etc. This means it’s time to update or scrap.

If the app is a hit, and you want to update; you can either learn X Code and all the other tech stuff, or you could partner with the original freelancer. That is always an option, and as an entrepreneur when it comes to digital apps I personally prefer the partnership route. It helps to keep both my partner and I invested in making the app the best it can be. After all the better the app, the more money we make.

Thanks for reading! I cannot wait to see your app on the store.

-C. Friedman


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