Social Media, The Forgotten Tool

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The Forgotten Tools

Blogging developed a need to expand my network; a need to reach a larger audience. I was mindlessly scrolling through post after post on my social media feed, trying to think up a way to expand my network. I do not know why, but I paused. I looked down at my phone, realizing I was not using it to the best of my abilities. I was not utilizing the FREE networking tools available at my fingertips. The tools available to everyone around the world. It opened my eyes to a new world of marketing, mentorship, and responsibility that I was previously unaware of.

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With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility -Spiderman/Voltaire

Everything posted on social media is available to the public to see. This is a dual edged sword, on the one hand it opens an infinite potential for networking; and on the other, it carries a tremendous responsibility. Employers and clients alike want to see professional social media profiles. Posting a picture of debauchery on a Friday night, while it might be fun, is not professional. However, posting about a recent hiking adventure, news article, social event, etc. portray a responsible professional person, the type of person clients are looking for; someone who may have that wild Friday night, but they keep it private. I treat my social media like my professional portfolio.

Social media is tool that is useful to both you and your clients, the responsibility falls upon you to establish your brand using social media.

Monetizing Your Social Media

Making money using social media takes time. It is not quick, nor is it easy. However, the process of getting to the point of monetization allows time for you to think about your brand, what you want it to be, and refine it into a gem. Once that gem is sparkly you will start seeing people gather to see it. Everyone likes polished and refined things, they do not want a freshly mined diamond. They want a diamond that has been cut, and is shiny; that should be your social media bright and shiny, attracting an audience with quality work.

I recently started including hashtags on my Instagram account, and have seen a steady increase in traffic to that account. Attracting attention to your social media accounts, is the first step in earning clients and making money from your social media. All that is necessary is including a link in the bio, or below the video to drive traffic to your product.

Posting consistently and sticking to your brand will increase the audience of your social media account, which increases the traffic to your site.

If you post valuable content, your readers will start flowing towards your site. It also is free advertising for your brand; every book you write, video you create, or product you design, the first clients are already at your fingertips.

That is how you generate money passively on social media; you do not need to create Facebook ads, or even google ads. They may make you money, but they also cost money.  Instead take your content, research the tags used, and boom, instant traffic generation and over time monetization.

Mentorship at Your Fingertip

Social media also grants us access to every mentor we could need. YouTube and WordPress are two of the most valuable sites for mentorship. Everything I have learned about entrepreneurship I have learned online through various social media platforms. I watch Jeff Rose, Tony Robbins, and many others to learn how to create my brand and earn money passively.

In addition, I have found commenting and emailing the creators of videos to be extremely helpful. They have taught me priceless information about starting an online business. The other benefit of earning a mentor is they encourage dreams. They want to help you live your dream, they want your venture to succeed. Mentors have already set up businesses, so they have the knowledge necessary to assist you in starting the journey.

Social Media is something I took for granted, now I realize what a valuable resource it is in expanding my network and my knowledge. Thank you for reading, good luck on your journey.

-C. Friedman


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