How to Avoid the Entrepreneur 15.

The First World Struggle

As a blogger and digital entrepreneur , I am sitting all the time. I am hacking away plowing through word after word. Reading, learning, hour after hour. All that sitting makes me sleepy, I guess proving the laws of physics. ( This body sure did want to stay at rest)

In addition, I realized spending all those hours off my feet were starting to impact my activity level. I would push my workout back, and I started ensuring everything was in reaching distance; if it wasn’t, well let’s just say it was not reachable.

Once I became aware of this mindset seeping in , I sought out my fellow digital entrepreneurs. I wanted to learn what they were doing to stay healthy and focused in their lives.

The Miracle Sphere

Online forums and blogs told of a simple inflatable sphere that would help my situation and more. The “fitness” ball as it is called, is a dream; it helps improve balance and core strength all while I sit at my desk typing away.

During a break, I roll around the room with it pretending to drive it like a car.(You have to get the Creative Juices flowing somehow) The best part though is it isn’t a normal computer chair. My old chair felt so stiff, and while I could spin in it, breaks were not half as fun.

Sitting on this ball, time flies by without me noticing the work I am putting in. The ball provided me with exactly what it promised, a “healthy” alternative to the normal chair.

The lumbar support, and balance training helped remind me that moving gives me energy. The more activity I do in a day, the better I feel. Most of getting up and getting active is a mental thing, and that is why I think the ball works. It reminds the brain to get up and move.

Working all day behind a screen, or even just sitting down and working on a project all create sedentary mindsets. While the work may get done, I was feeling sluggish. Now I’m like the energizer bunny, I just keep going and going.

It didn’t happen over night, but I have noticed an increase in both my focus and core strength since switching to the “fitness” ball.

First World Struggle No More

Now that I have found the solution to my first world struggle I felt I should share it with you. As busy people, sometimes we forget we are people with REAL bodies. It’s important while taking the journey to success we take care of ourselves along the way as well. Thanks for reading and good luck in your ventures.

-C. Friedman


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