Stop Being a Machine!

The Assembly Line of Childhood

Education shapes the way we behave as adults, we go to schools to learn. That is a schools purpose, pretty vague right?

You would think with that broad of a goal we would have flying cars by now, but alas here I am on the ground. We try to use all those facts told to us in school, but facts don’t pay the bills. Hmmm. How do we pay down this mountain of bills, all these student loans? (Bleach)

What can you make? These are not answers you have just using what you learned in school (unless you were a business major) thankfully you read books!

They have taught you every complaint, you hear is an opportunity for innovation, an opportunity to make a fortune! What does it take, to seize these opportunities?

Stop Thinking You’re Smart!

Take a breath, failure is a stepping stone to the ladder of success! Many look to failure with shame, I smell and remember back to when my training wheels came off; the first time I crashed my bike, that first failure. Did I stop riding the bike?

Heck no! You kicked that bike and hopped right back on, you weren’t going to let it beat you, were you?

The same goes for any venture you take as an entrepreneur, when that first idea falls apart don’t trash it!

Take a breath, and start a side project that can take the focus away from whatever obstacle is there. You don’t have to smart all the time!

You are not a machine!

School teaches us like it is still the Industrial Revolution, but news flash it isn’t! If I hit a snag in one of my ventures, I pause; I look for something within the niche that I can do. This allows me to switch up my thinking while staying within the niche. If my niche is Bicycles, and I am really stuck on building the gear shifter of a bike; I may focus instead on the braking mechanism. Same niche, different focus, while I work on those brakes I grant my brain a break from hitting itself against a wall.

I make it my general rule of thumb to stop working and pause if I have been stuck on the same issue for more than half an hour. If I haven’t made progress, I know I need a break.

The Opportunist

Giving yourself the space to see another part of the niche allows for creativity to begin to flourish once more. If you cannot think of anything else within the niche to work on, learn something new! Complaints are the root of creativity, like failure is the first step on the path to success!

Perspective and creativity are what separates the pessimist and opportunist! I do not believe in optimism, I believe in opportunism; taking the lemons life gives and making them into a sweet delicious opportunity!

Thank you for reading, and please continue seizing every opportunity placed at your feet!

-C. Friedman


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