Niche to Meet You!

Niche, What the Heck is That?

The dictionary says a niche is anything  that denotes or relates to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.( Straight from the dictionary) In non-dictionary terms a niche is something you know a lot about that you can create or sell a product for. A niche is somewhere you can create a solution to a situation people have.

Niches are a wide expanse of ideas with unlimited potential for new products or services. The niche of outdoor recreation recently came out with a revolutionary device for the hiker who does not want to lug around a bunch of water. Someone created a straw that filters 1000 gallons (4000 Liters) of water per use. That means when I am hiking the AT, I only need this one straw.

That idea demonstrates the ingenuity of niche selection for the entrepreneur. They take a complaint, a situation they find themselves in; all of a sudden a light bulb clicks, they say, ” Hey, I could make a product for this exact situation.”

Learn the Niche

Start with something you are comfortable explaining to others; no matter what niche you select you will have clients! Even blogging as niche answers to the readers within the niche.

Before starting any venture, it is necessary to learn the general concepts within the niche. That is why I recommend starting with something you are comfortable with; so that while you develop the business for that niche, you can start learning a new niche. (If I choose fishing as my niche, and have no idea how to fish I am in trouble!)

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Products Within a Niche

Once the niche is unwrapped it is time to start finding products! The products are right in front of you, the ones you use everyday. Whatever niche you selected, you already own at least ten products from that niche, why not explain to others how they have benefited you?

That is niche marketing, taking products or services you use and explaining how it helps you or maybe even simple tutorial on how to use it. I have seen many tutorials online about common sense things, like how to boil water. That may seem like an obvious task to most of us, but apparently some people do not know how to do that. It also got traffic from me, I was curious to learn how they explained the concept of boiling water without sounding condescending.

Every niche has an audience and it is our job as entrepreneurs to make sure these audiences have something to view. Whether it be a shiny new product, or an elegantly crafted novel, start making something today for your audience; for those within your niche.

-Happy Dreaming and thanks for reading.

-C. Friedman



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