The Entrepreneur’s Journal.

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What is the Journal?

A journal is the place to track the progress of the journey. Everyday should be an adventure towards the realization of your dreams, and as we all know one day we are going to be old. A journal keeps up with the steps, the important memories, in essence a journal is somewhere to write out all the stresses, all the successes, everything important to you!

A journal can be kept with old school pen and paper, or typed neatly on a document. It doesn’t matter where it is kept, so long as it is maintained.

The Importance of Journaling

I struggled to realize the importance of a journal until this year. I started keeping a journal, and writing down everyday my thoughts, my goals, my feelings, everything.

The results were astounding, my focus became clearer. I experienced more of a drive towards acting on my dreams, and beginning the journey. This drive allowed me to start this blog, to travel, and most importantly start living for me.

In addition, writing down everyday my progress also created some shame. It was here I realized how great shame is. Shame comes on those days when work should have the focus, it needed to be the focus, but the will gave in; the mind won out and work was put off for another day. Writing down that feeling on paper reminds me later when I am teaching others; it is okay to kick your feet up occasionally, most of time for now hard work is a must.

Why Keep the Journal?

looking back at a previous day’s writings will bring nostalgia, or maybe shame. That is why it is important to keep the journal, for it is a reminder of the growth we are expecting of ourselves; a reminder of the dreams we want to accomplish, the dreams we will accomplish!For me, my Journal is my reminder that I must work tirelessly; the journey for my freedom is far more important than the destination.

The journey is what makes me strong, better able to truly enjoy the destination of retirement and relaxation! What better place to detail the journey than a journal?

-Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

-C. Friedman


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