Brand Marketing and You!

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What is Your Brand?

Having a brand for your business is vital. Before crafting the mission statement, the first post, or even setting up the website, you should already know your brand. The most reputable companies are known by their brand, like Amazon, having everything from A-Z. What makes you unique within the niche?

That is your brand! For me, entrepreneurship is my niche; it is a very broad niche that encapsulates so much, but I have narrowed it down to dreaming.

For me, the brand “DREAM BIG” applies to everything I do. It applies to my novel ideas, the starting of my YouTube channel, this blog, my travels, everything!

It also fits into the niche of entrepreneurship because a business is just someone’s dream of they have committed to becoming a reality. Anything you can get paid to do is a business waiting to be started!

Brand Writing

Now that you have your brand, it’s time to write a mission statement for your business. A mission statement does not have to be long, just a sentence or two that explains what your brand is about and the values you are committed to.

Writing content around your brand should come easily, if not take a moment and plan; look back to the mission statement and search for products you can fit within that brand.

Write out your content in a way that showcases your brand best!

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Branching Out to Expand the Brand

Succeeding with your brand is tough, and requires commitment and dedication on your part. Writing everyday on your blog, or working everyday on your business idea is necessary and essential to establishing your business and brand.

An important resource is available to most niches that can get you some cash right now, and expand your brand!

That resource is freelance work. Freelance work within your niche will not only expand your network, but can also get more people investing in your dream, your brand!

New jobs are posted constantly on Upwork and Fiverr, which works great; if like me, you are just getting started. These sites allow for entrepreneurs to create their own client list with no hassle. Once set up, start connecting with clients. I use Upwork more than Fiverr because Upwork has more content towards my niche. The only downside is Upwork charges a minimal fee for connecting you with a client.

If writing is not your forte, worry not. Vista Print is an excellent tool for printing business cards, and they can help start your digital marketing campaign for you! The link I provided is not an affiliate link, it is a link to their site to help you on your journey to expanding your brand!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please comment below.



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