Fingers gliding across the water,

Ever so gently, slowly,

Floating with the water,

Reaching an in between, a brief pause.

Exhale. The current shifts,

And so do the hands.

Fingers rippling, waving with the current;

Flowing to the feet, guiding them,

To move with the flow.

All the while, in the mind,

Envisioning the mighty jelly fish.

Who silently glides through the water,

Until something touches a nerve,

Bzzz. Ow!

The mighty jellly sure can sting!

Back to the task at hand, exhale.

Come out of the mind.

Move like the jelly, effortlessly flow through the water.

That is what I say,

As I Stand in the cold river,

Trying out tail chi!

-Thanks for Reading



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