Handing You the Keys.


Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Finishing a project can be difficult, especially for entrepreneurs. With so much going on, some projects get placed on the back burner never to be touched again. It doesn’t have to be that way though!

A schedule can drastically change how much can be done in a day. Now I’m not saying have every hour planned out, that’s boring. Chunk the time to where each task has its allotted time frame and stick with it. Currently I’m working on four different projects, balancing a social life, and still finding time for me.

It didn’t use to be that way though, I used to live with so much stress and worry. Then, I committed to making a schedule that worked for me. I schedule my day from when I wake up until whenever everything on the schedule is done. Actual clock time is irrelevant. I know, taboo, but it is.

Deadlines do come up, but that’s how crafting the schedule works! The things with the highest priory get the biggest allotment of the day, and so on down the line, until everything on the agenda is done. I use a whiteboard calendar to keep track of my schedule for the day. As I finish a task, I erase it from the board; ahhhh….. sweet success. (That’s what I tell myself every time I erase a task from the board.)


The second key to success is networking. Sources for a network are already at your fingertips; checkout social media, forums, phone contacts, the list goes on and on.

As the network list expands, so does the client list. Every new person I make I try to make a connection with; not to expand my network, (although it is a bonus) but to see where there needs are. Finding a need is the job of an entrepreneur, and without a network how can you identify the needs of your audience?

Be Persistent

This is not a product or anything like that; it is something within. Persistence is key, for it allows failure to be a starting point instead of an end.

Persistence is fought for, it cannot be taught. Any successful entrepreneur will be persistent in whatever they do. Take blogging, where studies show only 1 in 5 are profitable; I say phooey on the studies I will be persistent in the pursuit of my dreams. Not because I’m that good, but because I utilize all three of these keys everyday. I try to expand my network each and everyday because each person I meet is a new potential client, a potential reader, or maybe a new business partner.

Good luck with your dreams. Be persistent in them, and thanks for reading.

-C. Friedman


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