Time to Dust the Bookshelf!

Reading and Entrepreneurship

Those books sitting there collecting dust, they are the key to growing as an individual and entrepreneur. A post I read recently, said the wealthiest among us read an average of 10 books a year. I am sure the number is greater than that, but that is just the book nerd in me.

I have started to read again, as much if not more than, the amount I was reading as a child. In my quest to become an entrepreneur, I know there will always be something new for me to learn. While the internet is great for tutorials and courses, a physical book can do wonders.


Plotting posts, crafting a book, niches, all take one thing an idea! That is the best part about reading, an idea can appear from any sentence read!

I was reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, when I had the idea for this blog! The imagery within the book was so vivid and the book spoke to me; it made me think ‘This guy must have had some crazy dreams”. That is why my blog is called, ‘My Humble Dream’ because compared to Dante the only thing blocking my path is me; Dante had so much to overcome, and what do I have to overcome?

Books serve to educate not just about business or money but to teach true wealth.

How can a book generate wealth?

Let’s talk business here. Say I want to start day trading, I’m going to pick the stock option that gets me the biggest return on my investment. Well books are stocks too, they are personal investments that can potentially create wealth.

They do so through you! All it takes is acting on what you are reading. Anytime anything screams at me from a book, I write it down, ensuring that I remember it later.

Reading is great, but it takes effort to make wealth. Use the ideas gathered while reading in everything you do. If you learned from Huck Finn to have others work for you, do it! If Ahab taught you, like he taught me, never give up on your dreams!

Tell me about your favorite book in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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