Creating Value Beyond a Price Tag

Stacking up against other Blogs can be a challenge!

In this digital era we live in, nearly everyone has access to a computer or laptop. The smart ones are utilizing the technology to generate streams of income, while the others sit at home watching cat videos. As part of the smart group, the question then becomes how do I stand out from everyone else?

Create something that you would buy.

It is easy to string together a few sentences into paragraphs, but that is not what your reader or client wants. Readers and clients don’t want to be sold on anything. They want to be told how a product or service helps them with their situation.

When we go to the doctor, we expect for them to offer a solution to whatever health situation we are going through. The same applies to digital entrepreneurship, the clients want a product to help them with their situation. Take wordpress for example, look at all the widgets aimed at facilitating use of this software. Quite a bit right? What if I said it is still growing?

As new products emerge, new situations arise; thereby creating a new niche, a new need for a product. That is the base idea of entrepreneurship! Watch Brad sell this pen, he demonstrates what entrepreneurs use. Pardon the french:

Adding Value to the Product

Wooooo! Last Step, adding value. The product has been found or created, congratulations! It is time to review the pitch and see if there is value in it. I ask three questions before I say it is ready.


  • What situation does the product help?
  • Does my information explain how it helps?
  • From reading my pitch, would I buy the product?

If the answer to ALL THREE is yes, then I am ready for the world to see my marvelous creation.

Sharing the Information

There are many tools out there to start sharing your information with. From Facebook to LinkedIn all social media acts as your free account to share your product! Most social media platforms allow users to share links, articles, videos, and more without any hassle. Write out a good article filled with all the juicy details, and share it! Share it on social media, put it on your site, get that valuable product to the clients who need it!

If you are not a writer and what to share the product with users, there are many online resources to promote the product. If you just want to pay someone to do it, freelancers will be more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you. The only thing in your way is you, so take the giant leap and dive in. Start sharing your valuable products today!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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