The in Between…

Glancing round I found,

High above a fan and chandelier,

At my feet I feel a solid marbled floor,

That is until she opened that door,

Creeeeak, went that odd oaken portal,

I say portal for it transformed my space,

Sending me falling towards the light.

In an instant, she was there,

Holding me with great care.

Am I dreaming?

She glides to the ceiling, or I guess the now ground.

Once there I stand, bewildered and in awe.

Sprouting from her back and spreading wide,

Those snowy white wings no wonder she could glide.

Wait. Am I dead then?

She says this is the in between,

Neither living or dead.

What decides my fate, I desperately inquire?

To which she responds it depends on my hearts truest desire.

Should it be just, I may return to the Earth.

If not I will burn forever in the Eternal Hearth.

I stand tall, confident my heart is true.

I shall take this challenge with an air of mirth,

Laughing as she judges my heart,

Any doubt and my heart will wean sending,

Me off to burn forever as fuel for the great Universe.

She pulls me back from my thoughts,

Informing me that my time has not yet come.

As she speaks the last word, I begin to fall,

Into a dark shadowy hole, I scream, but alas;

No sound is heard until I awake with a start,

Whew. I’m glad I have a good heart,

Else the dream would surely have come true,

And I would be forced to bid this world adieu.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed.


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