Shhhhh. Top Secret. Quality Posts in just a few steps.

The Secret to Quality Posts

It’s not really a secret, so much as it is an observation of mine. Quality posts stand out! The posts are easy to understand, and highly informative.

By the end of the post, the author’s idea is clear and well defended. For example, if their idea is to sell a pair of sneakers, by the end of the post I should know why I should but those sneakers. It just takes a few steps, that I will let you in on for free of charge!

Headers are Important.

Headers give the post a professional and neat appearance. They allow the reader to know that the post was outlined, A.K.A, the post was carefully thought out and planned.

Headers separate the sub content of the post in a way that is easily readable, an important key to both SEO and readers. Your readers are human and sometimes need space to pause, and breathe.

Do Your Research!

Search engines exist; your readers know it, you know it, and I know it. Today no one believes the first thing they read on the web. If something sounds a little fishy we are quick to search “….scam”, “….weathercloudy?”, etc. Quality posts come from doing the research before hitting publish. It involves doing the leg work for your reader, that’s right passive income takes some initial leg work.

Now the Secret.

Quality posts have quality content. Hey, don’t give me that look; I told you it wasn’t really a secret. The content within the post reflects the author’s research and ability to communicate their new knowledge into something simple for their readers, a unique reflection of their newfound knowledge.

A teacher I had when I was younger told me, “If you can’t teach it to someone else, you haven’t truly learned it.”

Review, Review, Review.

Once you have taken the steps, (put the headers, done the research, written the content, etc.) it is time to review. Reread your post before hitting publish. Would you read it?Would you sell it? If so, make sure the spelling and grammar are right and hit publish! If not, fix it now.

Now the second review. Once you have a few posts out there, and have some followers look back at your old posts. Which ones got the most traffic? Which ones could use some polishing? Which posts can go in the bin?

Last one! Once the rough ores are found , it’s time to polish them. Add more detail, if you, like me, learned about headers and everything after publishing your blog, go back add them in! Make your blog friendly for you and your readers to navigate. Treat it like a digital scrapbook. ( I’m a nerd, I know)

Marvel at Your Work!

The last secret to great posts is being proud of them! Be proud of the content you put out. In the end, it is your blog. Looking back at it should fill you with pride, look at the work you did! All that hard work to get the passive income train flowing is really starting to pay off. If you’re just a blogging hobbyist;well congratulations on creating your masterpiece, and why not start making money with your blog?

–Thanks for reading. Have a great day.



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