Freeing the 9-5 Worker.

On a bright warm Monday morning, they rush out of their colonial home; the screen door slamming as they rush to the car. Oh what a beater it is, the red paint chipping away; as they turn the key praying the damn thing will come to life. They awoke thirty minutes too late, for the thunderstorm on the prior night had reset the power across the city.

Reluctantly she comes to life, their shoulders relax and settle just a little, as their foot presses the pedal sending them off, speeding towards the place that brings such misery. They weave through traffic, swerving from lane to lane, trying to get their clothes somewhat tidy and neat. Traffic comes in packs, each one a little denser than the last; this doesn’t stop them, oh no! They narrowly avoid ramming into bumpers, as they hastily navigate the pockets of traffic, finally arriving at work.

They roll into the last space in the lot, bringing the car to a screeching halt. They reach over to the passenger seat to grab the leather briefcase, and grey hat. How had life gotten to be this sad, they think, while walking down the cracked sidewalk towards the small cubicle in one of the old industrial buildings.

They couldn’t remember when it had all gone wrong, when he started to give up. As they enter the building, the boss’s secretary is there. The secretary hands them a box with a letter inside of it. The secretary tells them, their services are no longer needed, the letter explains everything he says. A smile fills their face, a foolish grin, as they take the box from the secretary’s hands. Things can only go up from here, they think.

No savings, bills are still due, no job. What to do? What to do? This question vexes their mind on the somber walk to the beat up old car. Looking up from the floor, they decide to no longer give into the fear, the sadness, instead they decide to be happy!

They force a smile across their face, and declares it is time to go exploring, it is time to hit the web, time to find a solution to the situation.

Eureka! They find out that there are all kinds of jobs available. Whew. They craft a resume with care and delicacy, carefully tailoring it to land them back on their feet.

They feel young once more, filled with a newfound energy and confidence. This is not what it is supposed to feel like to lose a job, they had felt so much worse in the days before; they think, How do I keep this happiness forever?

As they click link after link, applying to job after after job, they decides to learn how to earn a little side cash. What is the easiest way to start supplementing my income, they wonder.

The search leads them to discover a path to being a digital entrepreneur.

-Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.



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