Pausing to Plan.

Woo! It’s such a great feeling when the idea for a venture enters the brain, it fills the body with excitement and joy! You have the idea for your new business venture, time to dive in right!?

Maybe. Or maybe it’s time to pause.

Don’t be Icarus!

When starting any new idea, or business, it’s important to be careful. What’s going to make the idea a reality? What’s going to make the business successful? The first step is writing down the idea. Take a pen, pencil, marker, whatever, and write it out loud! It’ll give you time to breathe and get your mind thinking again. Time to think about how to make that dream into an actuality.

Get Planning!

No matter what the idea is, a rough sketch always helps in getting towards realizing the dream. Write down the first ten steps of creating your business. If it’s a blog, pick your niche, write the outline of your general content.

Right now the important thing to focus on are gathering the materials. Materials are the makings of the model. The process of gathering the materials, are the steps to include within the plan. The materials can be anything from your business motto to the product or service your going to offer. Fret not, once your plan is done, you have the most valuable material to your venture! The plan acts not only as muse to your creation, but also works as grounding. As you cross off each item on the plan, your business is that much closer to being off the ground.

The Rest is Up to You!

Now that you have your plan, do it! Take action towards realizing your dream. Keep your plan close and don’t forget it. Just remember not to fly too close to the sun, thanks for reading!


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