Ticks Be Gone!

Every time I go on a hiking adventure through the woods, I run into a small critter that could give me Lyme disease. The dreaded tick, the silent enemy of all backpackers, hikers, and nature lovers.


The Koala Method for repelling ticks

As I was thumbing through my Farmer’s Almanac for 2019, I stumbled across a DIY useful tip article within the magazine. It explained that eucalyptus oil is a natural repellent for ticks. The recipe to create the repellent is:

20 drops eucalyptus oil

4 oz water

Applying the Method and Learn More

This repellent can be rubbed into clothes and gear to keep the ticks away. It can also be rubbed onto your pet to keep them tick free as well. I am a big believer on using all natural products when I can, and will be using this recipe for my gear. To learn how it all works check out this article from Farmer’s Almanac. The gear is ticks don’t like the smell, hence repellent. The article is free to read, and explains a few natural tick repellents. If you find any of these pesky critters on you, whip out your lint roller and roll the tick away!

Happy hiking and thanks for reading!


1 thought on “Ticks Be Gone!

  1. hmm, I’ll try it. I fly fish and hunt. Those little fuckers piss me off.

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