A Busy Day.


The tall flourishing oak stood there,

Taunting the adventurer within me,

Beckoning me with her thick sturdy branches.

Oh, how can I resist that winding ladder!?

I must ascend to the heavens!

A field of summer flowers,

Fills the space between us,

As I close the space between,

I cannot help but linger,

Admiring the marvelous hues,

All the various reds and blues!

Oh, what a beautiful day to be alive.

As my eyes take in the scene, I see her once more!

I sprint over, reaching her in no time,

Ready to climb, the ladder of limbs and vines.

As I ascend a peace fills me within,

The world seems so small, when I am this tall.

I reach the final rung and sit upon a limb,

Looking down at the sea of flowers,

Ha! A sea no more, now it is but a speck,

What do I see, a taller tree just over there!

Calling to me once more, I cannot resist,

I must bid this tree aideu, but first a stop by the hive.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day.


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