Drip. Drip. Drip.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Hanging there, shackled, it is all I hear. The room is hot, and dark, no part of my body isn’t screaming in pain. I feel the madness creeping in, how long has it been?

Drip. Drip. Drip. That incessant dripping a constant reminder of my thirst. My skin feels dry and cracked, I must stay strong. Death would be a reprieve from this situation; alas they will not allow it, I know too much.

I am partially to blame, what was I thinking surfing through the darkest corners of the web? All I wanted was a fresh start, somewhere I could be free. I found a request that would give the capital to do just that. All I had to do, was start a small wildfire, that was it.

Light floods the dank, dark room, blinding me. Sirens echo around the room, I have more tears left to shed. I cover my ears in a pitiful attempt to block the sound, to no avail it is far to loud. The sirens gradually fade away into an empty silence, my ears left ringing try to fill that awful void.

Drip. Drip. Drip. I look across the room and spot a rusted iron door, and hanging above it a rusted reddened pipe, my torturer. The iron door creaks open, and in walks my visitor. Their footsteps loudly echo across the concrete, I am past screaming and begging to be free. I beg them, please kill me.

They laugh and pull from their oversized military coat a syringe filled with an opaque orange liquid. As they depress the syringe into my vein, it feels hot! As though I am burning from the inside out. The last words I hear before I faint, Now you are ready.

I awake in a sweat, back in the hospital bed. I look around, was it all a dream? I rush to the bathroom, looking into the mirror I am sure it wasn’t. My chest, back, and arms are covered in soft white scars. I hurry towards the light switch, flicking it on. My eyes search the room, looking for any other evidence of what had perspired. At last I spot it, a lone dream catcher on the wall; the tips of the feathers, that same opaque orange. I press the red button next to the bed to call the nurse. A whole crew rushes in, asking me who I am. They inform that they had no patients assigned to that room.


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