Whispers in the night….

A voice, soft as velvet,

Whispers in my ear,

Forever and forever.

That is what you said,

As we intertwined in the queen sized bed.

Body and soul, becoming one,

It is true, we thought it couldn’t be undone.

Oh the bliss and happiness that was there,

The adventures to everywhere and nowhere;

Forever and ever, that is what was whispered.

Alas, that was in the moment.

At first I sat lost in my own torrent,

Clashing internally, lost in my mind;

Looking for what I could not find.

Then a beacon appeared, I saw a light,

I picked up a pen and started to write,

As pen hit paper, my sadness lifted,

Replaced with a familiar presence,

Joy, peace, love,

All surround it, but yet don’t do it justice.

Put simply I found the peace within.

-C. Friedman


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