Building your ship! 5 steps to becoming an entrepreneur!

Do you know how to build a ship?

No! Exactly. (If you do know how, excellent! I don’t, so pardon any missteps in my metaphor) Every skill out there, takes time and patience to grow. Being an entrepreneur is no different, the first step to building the ship is throwing out any sense of knowledge we had. Be an apprentice! There are many courses, blogs( like mine hopefully), and mentors out there just waiting to be utilized by a hungry entrepreneur. Learn the lay of the land, watch and listen to what your chosen method of mentorship is saying. How do they navigate the sea without crashing into other ships? Where are they finding the most treasure?

Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More

Now, you have the basics of entrepreneurship locked away in the vault of your mind. It’s time to build your ship. The framework for your ship comes from your website. This is how you can sell yourself to your potential clients. Crafting a website has never been easier, and it doesn’t take an English degree. I recommend buying your domain name through GoDaddy. The customer service from them is phenomenal and they can guide you through making your first website! Before you just throw up a site and hope for the best, plan. Create the blueprint for your ship, before you nail in the first nail. What niche are you in? Who is your audience? What does your site look like? These are all questions you should have an answer to before moving forward to step 3.

Make the Boat

Okay you have your blueprint, and have acquired a bunch of knowledge, woo!

Now, it is time to build the boat. It doesn’t take any tech skills to get up and running. (although it could help) Use the tools you have acquired, design the content for your site. Once the site is up and running, it is time to add some lacquer and waterproof the ship. Social media is the friend of any entrepreneur, just ask Donald. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and all the others allow for free marketing! Put your site link in your profile and boom your boat is waterproofed. However, your boat still isn’t in the water is it? Are you making money?

Sail your ship

Whatever niche you have decided on, you are ready to set sail! For now, follow the maps others have laid before you, i.e listen to the course chartered by your mentors. Who are they? Others within your niche! They are your network and guide on this journey! They have sailed the waters of entrepreneurship before you and for the moment understand how it works. Patience is a virtue in every journey. You have to know how the ship functions on the sea, before you can call the shots! Take a few weeks to find out what is working for you, and what isn’t. Right now, you are practicing being an entrepreneur. What is getting you treasure, and where are you running short?

Taking Control of your Ship

Once you are aware of the answer, you are ready! It is time to make the ship your own. Paint the sides with flames, do what works for you! You have taken all the steps towards becoming an entrepreneur, now be one! It is scary putting out the first original idea, but don’t worry. It’s going to be okay! Let go of your guides and take control of your ship. Get your ideas out there using the network you have established in the process of building the ship. Trust me, people in your niche will listen. Go outside, tell people about it! Make your idea and course your own! If you have been sailing the same way, switch it up. What audience are you targeting? Is there a more efficient target audience? Let’s say I wanted to go into selling backpacks. I start out by targeting the obvious, students! But, lo and behold the market is highly competitive. So, what audience would you choose?

Be the Captain!

Awesome, now the final step. Be the entrepreneur. Let go of any remaining fear, commit to being an entrepreneur. You have taken the time to build your ship, learned the ins and outs of sailing, and have even started on the journey. Why not see it through? Being Captain means you can now teach all the others who want to join you, the ins and outs. After all a captain’s crew is vital to a successful voyage. You have the tools in hand now, to be the mentor, and that is one role ever entrepreneur has. Entrepreneurs are individuals who took the time to learn every aspect of their niche. They are able to teach others the skill they have learned, and thus expand their network.

Sell yourself to this network, and watch as the treasure builds up. It does take time, but you can do it!

Thanks for reading. Comment with how you are taking charge of your journey!


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