Creating your web of potential clients.

Traffic entrepreneur website Imagine that you have set up your blog, and that you were so crafty you even started your own YouTube channel. Now what? How do you drive traffic to both of these potential wells of income? Create an email! Draft an email that sells your blog and your channel all at once. Boom, you now have a web, waiting for the first click. I know, easier said than done.

Let’s look at this company I just signed up to work with. In the email, they welcomed me to the program, and then offered assistance getting started. The assistance came from one of their webpages(one option of traffic) and YouTube. (great resource to utilize if you’ve done your Homework) In one email, I am given a solution to the situation I had. That is how you sell in emails. How can you do that?

Take something simple, a set of kitchen knives. What if you made a video promoting these knives and had a link below, so you gained a commission? Hmm. That’d be nice. And what if you took it a step further and promoted the knives on your blog as well, giving not only a review, but informing your readers all about the product? Wow! Now all we need is an email list…

Check out that blog post for a well informed and detailed overview on how to do exactly that!

Once your list is up and running, send out the email you drafted and watch the traffic fly into your web. Of course this is only one way of creating traffic to your sites.

Good luck in your ventures. Thanks for reading.


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