Doing Whatever it Takes!

As I was jamming out to this popular song, I began to wonder. What does it mean to truly do whatever it takes?

It seems that every successful individual has their own answer to this question. As an entrepreneur, I think that means getting rid of one phrase from my vocabulary, “I can’t”.

This phrase is something you here from those who give up so easily. How do I know? Well I have been there, I have been the guy who said I can’t. That phrase held back my ingenuity, creativity, and most importantly it held me back from realizing who I am.

Doing whatever it takes, means making the impossible possible. Look at the Wright Brothers, or Edison, they refused to quit even when it seemed impossible. They did whatever it took to make their dreams a reality.

Maybe that too should be the definition of doing whatever it takes, making your dreams a reality. Look at every person throughout history who has done that! Even if they weren’t famous in their lifetime their name lives on now! I am not saying that was their goal, their goal was probably similar to yours and mine, make that dream a reality. Ask Dr. King, or even DaVinci.

The biggest actions come from those of us who continue to do whatever it takes. Everyday. I am a dreamer, and I dream big. Sure some of the things I do don’t work out, but that’s the point, every dream will hit a snag on the journey to reality. What matters is never giving up on the dream. Never letting yourself fall into despair. Continually persevering. Do whatever it takes to transform your own dream into a reality! You can do it. Thanks for reading.


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