Shopping for a cause!

We all have some cause we stand behind. Whether it be homelessness, world hunger, or any other worthy cause. How can I give to the causes I care about when I don’t have the extra cash?

By Supporting Companies That Matter

Before I invest my time or money into a company (outside of ETFs) I do research into their mission statement. Who they are, what their goals are. Let me tell you what I mean by this. I am not perfect, I still where clothes made I don’t know where, and eat food that is mostly organic. However, when I buy my gas, or go on my trips, I shop at, and use those organizations I know give back to the world. Eventually I hope to use only organizations with great mission statements, but I need help. First let me tell you what started me on this journey to look for other great companies:

I was inspired by a company who offered me the chance to be a brand ambassador for them. This meant I got to represent their values, so I had to make sure our values were the same. I researched the company, looked at their informational video, and did what everyone does now a days input the question is the company a scam? Once I was sure they were on the up and up, I wanted to know more about their mission. Did it help remedy any World situations? And wow! I discovered Madera, the company, plants trees for every purchased made.

What product was I looking for?

Madera is an online store with many outdoor needs. I was looking for a hammock to use on my backpacking adventure. The more I read about the company the more I was interested in buying a hammock from them. They work to also change the lives of the impoverished farmers in the area. Check out their Website for more information. This is just one example of a company trying to give back and I am sure there are many others arising everyday!

How you can help.

There are many ways of making a difference now! All it takes is a little initiative, and research. That’s where I need help and recognize the community of individuals that exist amongst my readers. How can we change things we don’t really like? By promoting the things we do! So please comment below with an organization that you believe is giving back! I will research them as I encourage you to research Madera, and if you have a need for any of their products well two birds, one stone. Thanks for reading!


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