Tasting the morning Brew.

As I sit here typing, sipping on a cup of fresh brewed coffee, I glance out and see a cloud filled sky. Ugh. It is going to be hard to get my work done today. As this thought crosses my mind, I smile realizing the plight of those people in Seattle.

Where is the sun? I recognize my whining for what it really is, fear. A fear that the work I put forth is not good enough. I blame the weather for my fatigue, which although it is a slight truth, it is more of a lie.

Deciding I can sit no more, and wallow in this feeling of pity, I rush outside, into the now down pouring rain!

Ah, just the refresh I needed. The cold rain flowing down my exposed skin, washing away my worries, and doubts. I feel reenergized, like a plant who has taken in the sun’s warm rays. The shock of cold rain has washed away my negativity, freeing me from my mind.

I return indoors, sitting at my desk, ready to conquer the day! This cloudy sky will no longer act as my excuse, to recuse myself from this melancholy day. I reach for the coffee, take a sip, and begin the day’s work anew!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.


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