It’s okay to kick your feet up!

Everyone needs a break, at some point. A day where there is nothing on the agenda, no itinerary to follow or deadlines to meet. On days like this I find myself drawn to the coast. I want to feel the soft warm sand beneath my feet. I want to do cartwheels and handstands, just out of reach of any wave reaching its peak. I turn my desire into action, sometimes I find the action of relaxing to be the hardest of them all. I lay my towel upon the sand, promising myself I will sit and do nothing.

First thing first, I want to play. I want to ride the waves, and do flips in the ocean. Happiness is easy to find, when I take the time to play. It reminds me that life is not as serious, as I sometimes make it out to be. As I float amongst the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun, I feel calm. The waves rock me to and fro, I am careful not to fall asleep, lest I sleep the eternal sleep. I know I can burn, so reluctantly I return to the shore.

After the sunscreen is on, I pull out my book from my bag. The most successful people I know say they read ten books a year, some read even more. Hearing the crescendo of the crashing waves as I read, puts me in a trance, I know the nap is coming. I read a little longer, and then kick my feet up! It is time to enjoy a peaceful nap.

This is how I hit refresh, anytime I feel that I am spent. Although, I find all of nature to be relaxing, there is something about the beach that draws me in time and time again.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Comment below with your favorite beach to enjoy!


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