Freelancing in the Digital Era

One of the most essential tools in an entrepreneur’s kit, starting out, is free lance work. All it takes to get started is making a list of the top three skills you have. My skills are writing, communication, and web design. Now I am not a profess website builder by any means… yet. However, my current knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript allow me to work with organizations needing basic website help. Once you have crafted your own list, it is time to start the search!

Searching for the work has never been easier. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork, enable an entrepreneur a place to apply their skills and start making money. At first, the jobs will be for low earnings, but over time as you prove your value, the earnings will come! Whatever’s skill you have, doing jobs with that skill will hone that skill, and improve your knowledge of the area. (Practice makes perfect, or as close to it as we can get) All those small earnings add up, and eventually you’ll be able to have the capital to start another venture.

Even if your only skill right now is giving your opinion, you can be a free lancer! Swagbucks and many other sites will pay you to hear your opinion on products. If that is something that sounds fun to you, why not write about the product? Write a blog, and tell others about the product!

Now that you see how easy it can be to start free lancing, get out there! Start your journey into being a digital nomad! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.


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